The Life and Death of Charles Manson

This is going to be different from the content I’ve put up so far. This is going to be about one of America’s most notorious criminals Charles Manson. His death this month has made me do some research and I figured it’d be a great time to write a post. There is a ton of information out there and I will do my best with the information I have to keep this post completely true.

Charles Manson was born Charles Milles Maddox on November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His mother was 16 year old, Kathleen Maddox and father Colonel Scott. Kathleen was a runaway and was said to have been rebelling from her religious upbringing. Colonel died at the age of 44 without ever acknowledging Charles. He had 2 sons to his first wife who divorced him and was granted custody to their children due to the Colonel’s abuse and alcoholism.

Manson’s mother was briefly married to a man by the name of William Manson and he took his surname. Kathleen was know to be a heavy drinker and was rumored to be a prostitute. She was involved in petty crime and spend periods of time in jail. She went to prison in 1939 for robbing a West Virginia gas station.

Charles was sent to stay with his aunt and her sadistic husband who called him a sissy and sent him to his first day of school in a dress to make him “act like a man”. His mother got out on parole in 1942 and reclaimed custody of her son. However she wasn’t fit to be a mother. She was an alcoholic and constantly brought “lovers” of both sexes to their home. He would get sent to the neighbors house “for a hour” which ended up being days or weeks.

Manson never believed she even wanted to be a mother. In my opinion, I don’t think she did either. In fact Manson was quoted saying:

“Mom was in a cafe one afternoon with me in her lap. The waitress, a would-be mother without a child of her own, jokingly told my Mom she’d buy me from her. Mom replied, ‘A pitcher of beer and he’s yours.’ The waitress set up the beer, Mom stuck around long enough to finish it off and left the place without me. Several days later my uncle had to search the town to find the waitress and take me home.”

Rejected by his mother Manson spent time with different family members.

Charles began the life of crime and following in his mothers footsteps at an early age. He reportedly started stealing at the age of 9. He was in and out of reform schools. Many of which he escaped.

He was married to a woman by the name of Rosalie Willis and the two took off in a stolen car for California. She bared his son, Charles Manson Jr in March of 1956. Charles Jr would later take is own life in 1993.

Rosalie and Manson’s relationship ended in divorce while he was spending 3 years in prison for fraudulent checks. 1958 he was released from prison and he remarried a prostitute named Candy Stevens. Who would divorce him shortly after his next prison sentence.

By 1960 Manson had been committed of rape, drug use, pimping, stealing, and fraud. Married and divorced, had a child. Manson was serving another sentence in prison where he began Scientology and music. He became obsessed with making music and writing songs. He learned how to play guitar while in prison from a fellow inmate.

1967 Manson was once again released and headed straight for San Francisco. Where he met Mary Bruner. The first to fall for his tricks. She went where he said and did what he said. She helped recruit people to what would be known as The Manson Family Cult.

He ended up purchasing a movie ranch know as the Span Movie Ranch which became the Spahn Ranch in Southern California. This would be the home of his new found family.

Manson was an excellent manipulator. Manson’s manipulation gained him quite a few followers who would do anything he asked of them. The family as they were called, gained over 100 members. The cult included: Leslie Van Houten, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Mary Bruner, Linda Kasabian, Lynette Fomme, Tex Watson, Bobby Beausoleil, and Catherine Share. All of who were involved in the Manson massacres. They all shared Manson’s unconventional way of life and using hallucinogenic drugs.

Manson was obsessed with the Beatles and believed that he had a connection with them. His favorite song was ‘Helter Skelter’. In interviews done by Manson’s cult they would demand the company to get the Beatles on the phone. He was also very interested in Armageddon and the book of Revelation.

Manson still hoped to have music career and through and acquaintance met Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys. Wilson and Manson co-wrote songs and one of Manson’s songs, ‘Never to Love’, appeared on a Beach Boys album. Through Wilson Manson met Terry Melcher who Manson fully believed would help his career. However, that didn’t happen.

Manson claimed he was Jesus and that there would be a great race war, he referred to as Helter Skelter. In the months leading up to the first murder Manson buckled down on his followers. He was enjoying the power of being the cult leader.

The first murders took place on August 9, 1969 at the home of Roman Polanski. Manson ordered Tex to take Susan, Patricia, and Linda to go to the address he had given them and kill everyone in the home. He instructed that everyone must participate.

There was four victims in the house. They had just gotten back from a dinner party when the murders began. Those murdered were Polanski’s wife, actress Sharon Tate; Writer Wojciech Fryowski; coffee bean heiress Abigail Folger; and hairstylist Jay Sebring. Steven Parent, who lived in the guest house was spotted as he was leaving the home and shot and killed.

Kasabian acted as the get away driver and was a key witness in the trails. When the other three broke into the house and started the killings. Jay Sebring was shot and brutally kicked while he tried to defend Sharon Tate. Fryowski and Folger tried to escape but were chased and stabbed to death. Folger made it to the front lawn but was caught and stabbed 28 times. Ms. Tate despite being pregnant was stabbed in the stomach by Atkins. The three then used the victims blood to write pig and Helter Skelter throughout the home.

The folk night Manson took them to address of Supermarket executive Leno LaBianca. The group murder Mr. LaBianca and his wife in the same way they did the Tate murders.

The Manson cult were thought to have carried out over 35 killings. However, most of the cases were never tried due to lack of evidence or that the perpetrators were already serving life.

The Manson family was initially arrested for a vandalized portion of Death Valley. The police hadn’t linked them to any of the heinous murders and only did due to Susan Atkins admission while in detention for being a murder suspect in the murder of Gary Hinman.

Trial began June 1970. The court room was constantly chaotic. Manson would some of his female followers do some crazy things. He had them shave their heads, sing songs, carved a X on their foreheads as Manson did. Sometimes sitting outside of the courtroom. They never showed any remorse for the crimes they committed.

On January 25, 1971 Charles Manson was convicted of first degree murder for directing the Tate/LaBianca murders. He was initially sentenced to death but it was changed to life in prison. Despite the person Manson was he continued to have followers and people who were obsessed with him. In 2013 during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, a woman named Afton Burton claimed she was dating Manson and the two had plans to wed. In 2014 they obtained a wedding license but it expired in 2015.

Manson died November 19, 2017 at the age of 83 in prison. He believed his entire life that he was the son of the devil and was pure evil.

There has been countless articles, several movies, documentaries, and books about Charles Manson. There is so much information about this man out there. I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

Thank you for stopping by.




25 things I’ve Learned From 25 Years of Life.

Twenty-five. 25. The big 2-5. Wow. My birthday is less than four weeks away! I literally can’t believe it. These 25 years have passed by so quickly. Especially the last 6 years as a mother. I’m almost a quarter of a century years old. That’s really hard to grasp. Somedays I don’t feel 25 and other days I feel more like 85. I guess that’s just the way life is. Since my birthday is coming up I’m gonna have a birthday series. The first in the series, as you can tell from the title, is 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years of life. Please check back each week for my birthday series! Here is 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years of life!

  1. The little things matter most. I feel like some people have a heard time grasping this. They think you have to have the best and the most expensive but for me, it’s the little things. A homemade card, a pretty rock found on the road, a hand written letter, a trip to the mountains to just sit and watch the sun go down. My favorite gift I’ve ever received in my 25 years was when I was around 14-15 I believe. I was OBSESSED with Pirates of The Caribbean, still am. I went to visit my dad for Christmas/my birthday and he handed me a jar of dirt. I was so happy I didn’t even realize what was inside it. He said “Whitney, open it up.” So I did and inside was a heart Christmas ornament and inside the heart was 100.00. Yes, I was happy I had gotten 100.00 but I was so much happier about the jar of dirt. To this day I still have that jar of dirt but do I still have that 100? No. It got spent. What made it so special for me was that my dad listened and made my Christmas present special to me. I mean he could have simply given me the money in a card or just handed it to me but this was way more. He thought out of the box and took a Mason jar, put some dirt in it from the back yard, and ended up giving me my most favorite gift.
  2. Get a hobby. Whether that’s hiking, crafting, reading, playing a sport, coloring, just whatever. Get a hobby. You don’t realize how much of an impact having a hobby will have on you. Especially if you’re having a hard day you can do your hobby and relieve stress.Reading, camping, and making Jewelry are a few of mine.
  3. Do what you love and love what you do. Find a career that makes you happy and go after it. If you love your career you’re gonna much happier. You won’t be miserable at work. You’ll actually enjoy being there so your performance will be better and you will excel.
  4. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Sorry to burst your bubbles but the fact of the matter is….It doesn’t. There are 7.5 billion people in the world and you aren’t anymore important than they are.
  5. Listen to what your elders have to say. Especially your grandparents. Their lives were way harder than we have it now. They have experienced things we could only imagine. If they say something most likely they know what they are talking about. Not to mention their stories can be really interesting.
  6. Life’s hard but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good. If you make the best of what you have you will be happy. Life’s gonna be full of ups and downs good times and bad times but if you always keep a positive attitude then life will always be good.
  7. Travel. Travel every chance you get. See the world. Experience everything the world has to offer.
  8. Never stop learning. Read, talk to people, travel, school. There is so many things to learn and so many ways, so there is no reason to stop.
  9. Don’t compare your life to others. You don’t know what’s really going on in someone’s life. On the surface it can look great but they can have so many secrets and so much pain hidden below.
  10. Treat others the way you want to be treated. No brainer. Stop and think about how you treat people would you want to be treated like that? Better yet would you want your kids treated like that?
  11. People in the service industry are just doing their jobs. Don’t give the lady at the register a hard time over something she can’t change. She’s just doing her job. Don’t be an asshole.
  12. Don’t beat yourself up. (This one I’m still working on.) You are good enough. You are beautiful/handsome. You are a great mother/father. If you’re doing your best and trying then stop beating yourself up.
  13. Break ups suck but they do get better. All break ups suck. It doesn’t matter if the relationship was 2 weeks or 10 years….They all suck but overtime it won’t hurt so bad and you’ll find the reason it didn’t work with someone else. One day you’ll find someone and you will just know and the ex won’t even matter. If my past relationships would have worked I wouldn’t be with the man of my dreams. I’m so glad they didn’t and I understand why.
  14. Be you. Don’t change or let others dictate how you perceive yourself. People are mean. If they aren’t happy with your lives they will try and bring you down. Don’t listen to them. Wear that outfit, listen to that song, wear your makeup how you like, do your hair in the styles you like. Just be yourself. You’re the only you there is so you might as well be the best one.
  15. Sometimes you’re gonna be wrong. Believe me. I’ve been wrong a lot. You don’t know everything and someone else’s opinion may be better than yours. Keep an open mind and listen to others you might be impressed and learn something.
  16. You’re gonna make mistakes. That’s just the way it is. Learn from them. Don’t keep making the same ones. If you find yourself repeating them sit back and think about why? What can you do differently? What can you change?
  17. Don’t regret anything. Yes, like I said you will make mistakes but don’t regret them. They make you who you are. If you have a chance to do something, do it. Don’t regret later that you didn’t. Life’s to short to have regrets.
  18. Life is short. See everything you can, experience everything you can because life can end at anytime. Spend time with your grandparents if they are still living because they may not be here tomorrow. That goes for anyone you care for dearly.
  19. Find a few amazing people who share your way of life and values. Stick with them. Be there for them and they will be there for you. There’s no reason to have a million “friends” and all those people who claim that they are probably aren’t really on team you.
  20. There are snakes in the grass! There is always gonna be someone who only wants to see you fail and only wants to hurt you. These people will act like a friend but they are just wait for the right moment to attack. Try and weed anyone like this out. You don’t need those people in your life!
  21. Having kids is the best thing in the world. You don’t know true love until hold your precious baby boy or girl for the first time. Yes they will push buttons you didn’t know you had but in the end it’s totally worth it!
  22. Not everyone is going to like you. That’s just the way it is. Some people just won’t like vibe with you and that’s ok! Who cares? Find people who do!
  23. Never stop growing! Learn about yourself! Constantly work on improving yourself and being the best you that there is!
  24. Don’t take no for an answer! If there is something you want to do, go after it! Do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.
  25. Always live an uncluttered life. Get rid of anything that isn’t beautiful, helpful, or sentimental. Same goes with people. Get rid of the bad and keep the good!

Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

Till next time,


November Favorites

Hey guys! Today I’m gonna discuss my November favorites! November has brought so many amazing memories and some of my favorite things! I have a few different things this month so let’s jump right in!

First up is this poster size coloring sheet that I got at hobby lobby a few months back. K and I decided to finally color it and we’d make it a little competition. He’d do one side and I’d do the other. Then we’d put it on Facebook for our friends and family to decide who’s side was better. We put it on there without saying which side was which so they were completely unbiased opinions. K was the left as mine was the right. The final score was 27/24 with K getting the W. This was so much fun! We had a blast and it was amazing to be able to spend quality time together with a fun little competition. I can’t wait to frame it and put it in our room.

Next up are these two rocks K found for me today, actually. I collect rocks and he tries to find me pretty rocks anywhere he can. I have quite the collection now. I think I’ll do a post later on about all of my treasures. These are the two I got this month so I had to add them!

The next thing on my favorites list is this adorable book mark I found at Barnes and Noble. It was on clearance for like 1.50 I believe so of course I couldn’t pass it up!

Since I’m on the theme of book marks I might as well share this adorable Alice in Wonderland one that I purchased on I am so in love with it and since it was free with 2.00 shipping I couldn’t pass it up either.

Last bookmark from this haul but I’ve gotten several this month and I love them all! I picked this one up at Books-A-Million while Black Friday shopping with my Nana. It’s also Alice in Wonderland and it was the most expensive. I paid 4.00 for it I believe but it has one of my favorite quotes on it so I once again, couldn’t pass it up lol.

The next item on my list is this thing. It helps pop pimples. I got it at Ross dress for less for 2.00. I absolutely love it. My face breaks out really badly due to having a super oily skin. When I first seen them I was like “Oh those won’t work” but I was completely wrong! One end is for blackheads and the other is for pimples. It gets them out with no trouble and hasn’t scarred my face. I am so pleased with this 2.00 find and highly suggest everyone getting one!

The next time on my list is this beautiful little necklace that K bought for me. It’s my favorite color and I love it so so much!

The next item on my list is this dream catcher. K’s grandmother gave it to me along with several more at Thanksgiving dinner. This one is my favorite I love it so much! I was so happy to receive this beautiful little dream catcher!

The next item I couldn’t get a good picture of but it’s this 2.00 Goodwill find. It’s just a simple vintage black top. It’s sweatshirt material but instead of being long sleeve it’s short sleeved. So I’m so happy I have found it!

The next item is this adorable little crop top I found at Ross as well. I have never been comfortable with my stomach and I’ve never worn a crop top. That is until I found this little gem. I paired it with some high waisted leggings and it looked so adorable. My tummy didn’t show and I felt so comfortable.

The next thing on the list is The Mother Son dance that M and I went to. We had so much fun and got to dress up and dance. It was so nice spending some time with just M and I. I definitely will be going next year!

Next up which isn’t shown in the first photo is Thanksgiving with my little family. I had so much fun visiting everyone. I’m so glad we got to spend time with each of our families even if that meant we had to go to four Thanksgivings.

Last thing on my November favorites list is my book haul. I love getting books from the used book store and so I had to add this months haul on here. This months isn’t a large as my usual hauls but I’m always happy to get new books!!

Thank you everyone for stopping by and checking out my latest post! Love you all!

Till next time


My Bucket List

One day you will wake up, and there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.

-Paulo Coelho

A bucket list is described as: a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying.

According to Webster the phrase “Bucket List” originated in 2006 but several other sites have stated it was originated from the movie The Bucket List where “two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die”, as described by IMBD. The term “bucket list” refers to the old saying “kicking the bucket”.

Since the term bucket list came into play people have made all kinds of bucket list. From a monthly list, to seasonal list, to a year list, to lifetime list. There are so many different variations and I highly suggest making one! Even if it’s just a small one. Put all the things you want to do by X amount of time and start marking off those things. It can range from skydiving to seeing a show to getting a degree. Just put it on there and try and accomplish it.

All of the unnecessary info is over. I just thought it was a little interesting and as I was writing this I wanted to know how bucket lists became so I looked it up and decided to share that with all of you. Here is some of the items on my bucket list and in no particular order.

  • See the Backstreet Boys live. This may seem silly but I’ve wanted to see them since I was a child. I have idolized them since I can remember. My mom and dad bought me a VHS tape of them. It was called Live in Orlando. I absolutely loved it. I bet I’d watched that thing a million times. Honestly I still have it!😂
  • To have my own library. I already have so many books and I want so many more. Books are my everything. They are my escape from reality and help keep me sane. Right now they are spread throughout the house but I really want a building or room where they can be all together. Where I can cuddle up on a bean bag and read.
  • I want to see all 50 states. Not just see them but spend time in each one. I love traveling and I want to see everything I possibly can.
  • Go out of the country. I have never been outside of the US and I’d really like too. I have a passport but sadly it hasn’t been used.
  • To backpack across Europe. I want to spend several months just going everywhere and seeing everything. I don’t want to have to rush. I want to take my time to take and see all the beauty that side of the world has to offer.
  • I want to backpack the Appalachian Trail. I love hiking and camping so this is another on the buckets list

The last two will have to wait till the kids are grown for obvious reasons.

  • I want to own and read every book on the Rory Gilmore book challenge list. If you don’t know who Rory Gilmore is she’s a character on the tv show Gilmore Girls. The show ran from 2000-2007. The book challenge is all 339 books referenced in the original show.
  • Go back to school and get a career in something I love.
  • Take my kids to see Disney
  • Take a cross country road trip, either by car or motorcycle. Instead of staying in hotels I want to camp the entire way.
  • Take a road trip though the states man on the map. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is a picture that I found on Flickr

The States man is a collection of states in the shape of a man on the US map. His hat being Minnesota and his foot/boot is Louisiana. I want to take a road trip from the top of his hat to the bottom of his boot.

  • Marry and grow old with the love of my life. In 30-40 years I want to be sitting on my front porch in rocking chairs nagging my husband. I want to have one to share all of life’s adventures and experiences with.
  • Build a tiny house. This one for many reasons. I find the idea living tiny quite interesting. I love the simplicity that will come along with it. Living on what you need and very few things you want. Not having all the clutter you accumulate because you are required to keep everything small and mostly just the necessary items. I also love the idea of not having a mortgage and instead of spending all of my money on house payments I can use that to go do and see things.
  • Stay the night in a treehouse. I mean obviously. Who wouldn’t? This just sounds like so much fun!
  • Go on a mission trip. I really enjoy helping people so I’d like to go on a mission trip to give back and do my part for the less fortunate.
  • Learn a new language. I would really like to learn how to sign.
  • Take an art class. Preferably pottery.
  • Swim with dolphins! They are my absolute favorite animals!

The rest don’t really have an explanation, I just want to do them.

  • Make a pool in the bed of a truck.
  • Watch my children succeed in life
  • Camp on the beach
  • Road trip on Route 66
  • Hike the Continental Divide Trail
  • Attend a masquerade ball
  • Crash a wedding
  • Get an ancestry DNA test. I want to know my heritages.
  • Complete a Wreck This Journal.
  • Go on a cruise.

That’s a pretty good idea of my bucket list!!!! Thank you for taking the time to check it out. Maybe it gave you some ideas! Please leave a comment with an item on your bucket list or if we share any of the same!!! Love you guys!

Till next time,


Open Letter to my Daughter.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars. -Les Brown

Dear B,

At the time of writing this Mommy is 24 years old. You’re four. You’re a beautiful little princess and I am so lucky to have you in my life. You’re already so intelligent and older than your years. I am so proud of you and all of the amazing things you’ve done so far.

It feels like yesterday I found out I was pregnant with you. I was so happy and knew all along you we’re gonna be a girl. I wondered what color eyes you were gonna have. Who’s nose you were gonna have. What would your laugh sound like. As the months passed I became more and more anxious to meet you.

I didn’t get to hold you right away due to having a c-section but already knew you’d be perfect. When I finally got to hold you and take in your beauty I knew I’d be wrapped. You were so beautiful with your light auburn hair and tiny little hands. I was so happy to be your mommy.

Now your a beautiful four year old and that light auburn has turned blonde and your blue eyes a grey. You constantly amaze me and make me proud.

You’ve grown so much already and soon you won’t need me. You’re going to be living your own life and doing your own things and I won’t be as important anymore. I’m not prepared for that but I know it’s coming. You won’t stay little for long and I want you to be the best you that you can be.

My wish for you is to never give up, to keep your head held high, and go after all of your dreams. Please don’t let anyone or anything keep you from accomplishing all of your goals and dreams in life. Go see and experience everything life has to offer.

I want to apologize ahead of time for not being perfect. I have my faults and I know I’m not and probably won’t be 100% perfect. I don’t and won’t ever claim to be. I’m not always gonna be right and I’m not always going to make the best decisions. I’m going to mess up and make mistakes. Despite that I hope you know that I always do what I think is best and that I love you with my whole heart.

I promise to always do my best no matter what. No we won’t always get along, no you’re not always gonna like me but that’s ok. I will always be here. I’ll always be a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. I’ll never judge you or discourage you. I will tell you the truth and give you my opinion.

Here is a little bit of advice I’d like to share with you!

  • Don’t ever stop learning. There is always something to learn. Continue reading, learn from others, learn from experiences. You can learn so much in life and no just from school. There’s so much out there. Talk to the elderly, they have stories and memories you won’t find in history books. What ever it takes never stop learning!
  • Forget about those stupid boys and mean girls. You do you. Don’t let anyone make you feel less than you are and don’t make anyone feel less than they are. Be a person who is loved my many. Help those who can’t help themselves and those in need. Remember you are not better than anyone and no one is better than you. We are all created equal and we all have something special about us.
  • Boys and Friends come and go. A friend you have now probably won’t still be around in 10 years. Stick with a small crowd. Find people who share your outlook and values in life. Find people who want to better themselves just the way you do.
  • Money isn’t everything. Yes, you need to pay bills and have the essential but that doesn’t mean money makes you happy. Some of the richest people are absolutely miserable and lonely while some of the poorest are the happiest.
  • Life is tough. No matter what you do something can go wrong in an instant. That’s just how life works. Don’t beat yourself up because something unexpected happens. Keep that head held high and move past it. Grow from it and learn from it.
  • You’re gonna change so much in your lifetime. You’re gonna grow and change as a person. Things you like today you won’t like tomorrow and that’s ok. To quote one of my favorite book quotes…..

“It’s no use in going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. -Alice in Wonderland”

  • You have plenty of time to settle down, get married, and have kids. Go to school, travel the world, whatever it is that makes you happy. Do all the things you wish to do before settling down. Once you do life completely changes. You have other people who depend on you. Take your time. It isn’t a race.

Here in a few years Mommy will be “your worst enemy.” I will not be as cool in your eyes as I am now but that will pass. Teenage years are tough. So many questions, so much peer pressure, and a lot of drama. Just know through all of that I’ll be here. I’m here to talk to when you don’t know what to do or need help. When that boy breaks your heart and to help with the ridiculous amount of homework. And everything in between.

You’re gonna be amazing. You already are but one day, Princess B, you’re gonna do amazing things. I truly can’t wait to watch you grown and turn into an amazing, beautiful, unique young woman.

I love you.


12 Things I’m Thankful For❤️

Thankful is described as a feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative.

Hello everyone! Today is Wednesday, November 22, 2017 which means tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I had another post in mind for today but since today is Thanksgiving Eve I figured I’d write a little Thanksgiving related post! Here are 12 Things I’m most Thankful for and in no particular order!

  1. My kids. I never ever thought it’d be possible for me to have children and God blessed me with two beautiful babies and soon to be an amazing stepson. They are hands down what I’m most thankful for. I love them all so much and I feel so privileged to be in their lives and for M and B to call me mommy.
  2. My wonderful amazing fiancé! He is my rock, my protector, the person I complain to, my provider, and most importantly my best friend. I couldn’t imagine this life without K!
  3. My Fur babies. They sometimes drive me crazy but they are there to give me comfort when the kids are at school or I’m having a bad day. Without them my little family wouldn’t be complete.
  4. Having basic needs and things we don’t. I.e. A roof over our head, food in our bellies, a vehicle to drive, a TV, PS4, etc.
  5. My grandparents. These are two people who mean more to me than just about anyone. They raised me and are always there if I need them. I know no matter what I can depend on my Nana and Granddad.
  6. Living in the United States. I am proud to live in the US. I know how privileged we are. I am thankful I don’t have to live in a third world country and I don’t have to worry about small things people take for granted. Like clean water and easy access to food.
  7. I am thankful to be alive. I’ve have several near death experiences in my 24 years of life. I’ll probably make a post about this later. However, I’m just glad to be alive and I try and make the best out of it and experience everything I possibly can.
  8. I am thankful for God. I’m so thankful for him. I’m thankful for all of the blessings he’s provided me with and sending his son to die for my sins.
  9. Technology. Just think how people grew up a long time ago. I’m am so thankful for technology. Not just the internet and cellphones but electricity. That’s a technology that wasn’t always around and people forget that.
  10. Books! Books are my sanity. Books are my escape. Books let me travel all over the world and to places that are completely lost fiction. I get to be multiple people and experience multiple things all without leaving my house. I get to take on the lives of so many so I don’t understand how anyone could hate reading.
  11. Traveling. I love going on adventures and experiencing everything life has to offer. I don’t want to be stuck in one town I want to see all of them. So I’m thankful I get to travel even if it’s just 2 hours from my house or a 13 hour plane ride.
  12. The rest of my family and friends. Having amazing support and amazing times with the crazy people in my life.

Thanks so much for reading guys! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your families. Till next time.


First Blog Post

Hello everyone!

This is my first ever blog post. It probably won’t be the greatest but that’s ok. I’m going to tell you a little about myself and my life. I’m going to tell you a little bit about my blog and why I decided to start one in the first place. Thank you for taking the time and reading my first ever post!

My name is Whitney. By the name of my blog I’m sure you could have guessed that. I’m 24 years old and a mother of two. I’m engaged and will soon have a stepchild. We have a dog named Dolly and a cat names Ouija. Sometimes life gets very crazy and hectic but I wouldn’t change it for anything.


My fiancé and I love the outdoors. We love camping, hiking, and kayaking. We travel a lot. We take many mini vacas and travel with the rodeo. K is a bull fighter…. or rodeo clown. So we travel to a couple different states for that. We’ve been together almost a year and we’ve seen seven states together. I’ll tell you all about our relationship, wedding details, and give more info on our travels in a later post.

I am also a bit of a nerd. I love reading, Doctor who, and a lot of other nerdy things. Again a whole different post.

As you can probably tell already I have a wide verity of interest. I’ll get more in depth with each one later on.

Why did I start my blog? At the moment I’m a stay at home mom. I have nothing better to do with my time. I have a lot to talk about so I figured hey I’ll start a blog. It may be great it or it may flop. But I really hope you like my posts and come back for more.

I plan to write daily posts. Each day will have a different type of topic. At first I’ll just write posts but after a while each day will be dedicated to a certain topic.

Thanks for checking out my first blog post misfits. If you’re even remotely interested in my life check back for my next post!!!! I’m going to cover topics ranging from motherhood to nerdy things to outdoors to my opinion and everything in between.

Again thank you so much.